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Spuffy Graphics Challenge

where the spuffy lovers come

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Welcome to the new revamped spuffychallenge, a graphics challenge community for all fans of Buffy and Spike. This community originally started (2004) as a weekly Spuffy icon challenge community. Over the years, things changed and the show really ended that the fans' interest and participations slowly decreased.

Now we would like to bring this community back to life by making a few new changes to our challenges. It's no longer for LJ icon challenges anymore, but it would be for all kinds of Spuffy graphic challenges. These are the things that we'll be doing:

--+ Spuffy Icon challenges
--+ Spuffy LJ Header/Banner challenges
--+ Spuffy Fanart challenges for misc. medias
--+ Spuffy Wallpapers challenges, etc.

So if you love Buffy & Spike as a couple and always love to get creative, here is the right place for you. Please read through the information below to find out more about how everything works around here.

Your current moderator: inxsomniax


  1. You may only use the screencaps/lyrics/quotes/etc posted together in a challenge each time a challenge is open and active.

  2. Post your graphic that you create for the challenge as a comment in the correct challenge's post.

  3. One entry per person each challenge.

  4. Icons must meet livejournal's icon requirements. Under 40K and smaller than 100x100 pixels.
  5. You must follow all rules set up of each challenge or your entry will not be accepted.

  6. All entries will be screened. This is to avoid people knowing who submitted each graphic so they cannot knowingly vote for their friends. We're aware that this won't stop this kind of behavior, but at least it will make it more obvious.

  7. Members won't be able to share or use their graphic until the challenge is over. This is kind of a consequence of the previous new rule

  8. Only members/moderators of this community will be able to submit entries. This means that whichever Mod posts the voting poll, will have to make sure that only the icons submitted by members/mods are included in the poll.

  9. Voting will be open to public and will not be screened so everyone can see that everything is openly and fairly counted by the mods in the end of the voting period. Anyone except YOU should be able to vote for their favourite graphic in each challenge. You may not vote for your own work. Voting for your own entry will get it disqualified.

Important Times
  • You have 2 weeks for one challenge.
  • Submissions will be open everyday the challenge is open and active until the voting time is announced.
  • Voting will start Friday Night and end Sunday Night.
  • Winners and next challenge will be posted Sunday Night.

    Each week when voting is posted, you can vote for your top 3 graphic of that challenge by posting a comment. Please state your favourite work in order. Every time a graphic is voted as 1st it will recieve 5pts, when it is voted 2nd place it will recieve 3pts and when it is voted 3rd place it will recieve 1pt. After the voting is over, the points will be tallied and the 3 graphics with the most points will win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. :)

    If you have any questions, please email the mod at inxsomniax @ gmail.com.

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    Layout credit goes to faceon